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NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE: Melbourne Invasion Day 2017


January 26, which official marks the day of European colonisation of Australia is a national holiday sanctioned by the Australian government. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Australia, it is marked as Invasion Day and/or Survival Day.

In 1936, on the 150th anniversary of European colonisation, when official ceremonies were held around the country to celebrate, courageous members of the Aboriginal Community instead marked the anniversary with a Day of Mourning.  This year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities around the country once again held Invasion Day protests and Survival Day events, with the main slogan being: NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE. 

There was a huge turns out around the country at the protests, the biggest we have seen in many years:   In Melbourne between 10,000 – 15,000 people joined the protests (the organisers have said up to 20,000).  In Sydney, more than 8000 joined the protests and up to 3000 turned out in Brisbane in Queensland. Sizeable turn outs happened in Adelaide and other cities and town around the country.

Here is a video from the Melbourne Invasion Day protests. I have also include photos from the Melbourne rally.

Progressive not-for-profit organisations, Left media and activists are welcome to reuse the photos but please credit me as the photographer (Kim Bullimore) and link to either this blog or my other blog.

In Solidarity, Kim


Lee Lin Chin for the win!


As we all are aware, Donald Trump has become President of the United States. The local nationalists and fascists in Australia are ecstatic.  So much so that Pauline Hanson and One Nation were crowing that they had been “gifted” with tickets to Trump’s Inauguration.  One Nation’s resident conspiracy theorist and climate change denialist Malcolm Roberts, in particular, had boasted on twitter than he and Hanson had received tickets but Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hadn’t, tweeting: “”Pauline and I received an invitation but not the Prime Minister. OUCH.”  It was later revealed that Roberts had repeatedly pestered and begged the Australian Embassy in Washington to get the tickets (see also here)

In the face of Hanson’s bragging and Roberts’ gloating, SBS newscaster, fashionista and pop culture icon Lee Lin Chin couldn’t help but respond with her trade mark wit.  Hanson, it seems is yet to learn, that trying to out best Lee Lin Chin’s wit will be about as successful as taking a water pistol to a gun fight.


Drum roll please!!!! Red Butterfly Effect is back after an 18 month break!


Hello! It has been awhile since I have blogged at Red Butterfly Effect! Unfortunately over the last 18 months,  life, study and work all got in the way. But I am hoping to be back on a more regular or at least semi-regular basis!

So much has been happening in the world of politics, pop culture and geek over the last 18 months. While I won’t have time to catchup on all of it, I will try to revisit a few items/issues a long the way but in general I will focus on what is happening world of pop culture, geek, politics etc as they are happening over the coming months and year.  I also have a heap of kdrama reviews that I will try and catchup on and of course there will be blogs about  random fun stuff, politics and anything else which takes my interest!

ned-stark-blog posts are coming